what the heck does a graphic design thesis look like anyway???

it’s only been a few months since i proposed my thesis idea (demystifying cooking), and this is always seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. in all honesty i’ve been asking myself this very question. it’s a tough question to answer as i’ve come to find out because every thesis, every project, every person has a different approach and topic, and no one is the same. there’s no set “model” for a graphic design thesis, which is both freeing and terrifying at the same time. there are no formal expectations of what i have to turn in after my year and a half (-ish) of research and design, but, like most people, i am my own worst critic and that means i have to far supersede my highest expectations, which in my head is impossible.

so what does a graphic design thesis look like? well, it’s not a written dissertation like many Masters programs, it’s not a board exam that I have to get a certain score to pass, it’s not even a presentation that I have to convince people to like what I do (although, this last part is a part of the thesis presentation). my idea of what a graphic design thesis looks like is different from my friends, colleagues, and even my professors, and rightly so. my thesis topic is completely different from redefining waste, reversing consumerism or unveiling the inner-workings of the US government. cooking in itself is a personal topic for me (this is another conversation entirely…worth going into, but now is not the time) as well as for anyone else. so inherently, my thesis will be nothing like anyone else’s. again, this is both terrifying and exhilarating. cooking is different for everyone, and i understand that, but in order to understand you have to know that one reason i love cooking so much is because (much unlike math which i used to enjoy until i found the freedom of art) there is not right answer that works every time. cooking is flexible. cooking is fun. cooking is about passion, and love for food and for people. cooking is the most rewarding experience because not only do you get to eat at the end of it, but you get to admire the fruits of your labor!

i’m getting off topic again, but basically all this is to say that i don’t know what a graphic design thesis looks like yet. i have a bit of time to still figure it out, but in the meantime, i’m enjoying the ride and the discovery of new perspectives.


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