i’m no expert…yet

it dawned on me today that what i am proposing to do is somewhat out of my league. and by somewhat, i mean insanely out of my league. this realization is simply terrifying. 

essentially i want to get people excited about cooking and teach them how to cook…yet i don’t know the first thing about sous vide-ing..(that’s not even a word. that’s how much i know about it). actually, i know it’s immersion cooking, but have never done it because i don’t have the equipment. it scares me because i don’t know how to do it or how to even use the word. this lead to another realization for me (thanks to Plasm’s book 100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers) that i need to start speaking the language if i’m going to be teaching it. if i don’t understand something there’s got to be hundreds (if not thousands) of others who know less than me and are curious…like me. i would love to know how to sous vide something, feel the victory of doing it right and making a masterpiece in the kitchen.

i began a culinary program back in 2007, but my short stint in a commercial kitchen ended with my move to san francisco. i know my way around a saute pan, grill and cutting board, essentially i know the basics. and the basics aren’t going to cut it for what i want to do. that’s when i realized how much i need to rely on others. this past week has been a tough one simply because i was relying on others for pieces of a puzzle. but that’s how it goes, right? i’ve learned that i want to work with people i trust. people who understand pressure and time. i want to team up with people who are motivated and hard-working, like me. i would love to work with people who have a passion and zest for life and love food. of course i always appreciate those who have an eye for design, but i need people. i can’t do it alone.

i can’t do it alone.

this was a real wake up call for me. i’m a graphic designer (and food lover), but i’m no expert in the kitchen. at least not yet. my skill as a designer is key, but i can’t do the food writing, photography, illustration, editing and designing. it would be crazy to think that i could take on a project of this magnitude and not include others. my vision of what my project is going to be is slowly taking shape, but it’s blurry in the areas that my skills are somewhat questionable. i trust in my own work and in my ability to complete a task, and do it well. but i can’t do this alone.


2 thoughts on “i’m no expert…yet

  1. You gave me chills lady! This is a great post, one that I think we can all relate to no matter what subject matter we are focusing on. It’s definitely going to be a long road, I don’t think Alana was exaggerating in the least, but I know and we all know that you’re going to create an amazing project out of this!

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