thesis development…coming to an end (or just the beginning)

My thesis development class has run for eight weeks and is coming to a close today. I gave my final presentation last week and turn in my final thesis development book today. It’s printed, perfect bound, cut and ready to go. You can take a quick look at it here (on*

Thesis Development Book

Today is my launching point. From here on out I’m on my own. It’s a scary thought. I decide my future. I decide how my thesis looks and how it grows. Yet, at the same time I feel excited about the prospect of my thesis. In a sense the development is coming to and end, because the class ends today. But in reality it’s just the beginning. My thesis will be developing until the last seconds before I present it I’m sure, so to say it’s the end isn’t true. What I’ve heard from other MFA candidates is that it never ends. My life will be all about my thesis for the next year (and a half). To my friends and family, I apologize if I go off the radar or am unreachable (physically or mentally) for the remainder of my time in school.

As a side note: I’m working on the branding of my thesis, as you’ll notice, so the logo is changing and the look and feel are evolving as well. Any input or advice is welcome regarding the look and feel of the design. It’s something that I’ll be working on more and more, but gathering the content and intent for my thesis has taken precedence these last eight weeks for my thesis development class.

*Unfortunately doesn’t allow for plugins so I couldn’t insert the actual book here. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to make this a real capability.





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