“so, what’s your thesis going to be?”

i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been asked this in the last few months since i started this blog.

that’s a great question. i’m still figuring that part out.

i’m so thankful that people are interested and that they want to know more about it! the only problem is that i’m still in the early stages, so as much as i want to jump ahead to the end and say “it’s going to be…(x)”, i can’t do that. it wouldn’t do justice to the research and time i’m putting into it now, to assume what the best solution will be.

just today i narrowed down the 2 major problems i want to address (that’s the first step):

1) there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to cooking.

2) there is an abundance of fear within the realm of cooking.

the two work together and spur on the other one, thus an ongoing cycle that needs to be addressed, broken and reset. so, now that i have my problems, i’ve been able to come up with some solutions in how these things can be addressed, but that still doesn’t mean that what i’m proposing is the best viable answer. i need to continue in my research before assuming anything in this process…because, when i’m standing in front of the committee at the end of my MFA road, i want to be able to show them why i did what i did, and back it up with research, rather than saying, “oh, i just thought it would be cool to do a book about cooking and i thought people would like it.”

design is a process, just like anything else, and i am a very organized person who likes be right. thus i need to figure out the problem and the best solution for my target audience. i believe i can do it, but it will take me some time. so, next time you want to ask, “so what’s your thesis going to be?”…please don’t, at least not yet. when i figure it out, i won’t be able to help but shouting it from the rooftops. of course, if you do, i will forgive you, but you may not be satisfied with my answer (and neither will i, quite frankly).


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