10 iPad and iPhone Apps that Will Make You a Better Cook

These apps are to the home cook as the utility belt is to Batman: They’ll take you from zero to hero in the kitchen. From measurement conversions to selecting the perfect cheese, there’s something here for every cook.”

10 iPad and iPhone Apps that Will Make You a Better Cook : BA Daily: Blogs : bonappetit.com.

I came across this in my Google reader this morning, and quite frankly it scared me! Mostly because they are already doing what I want to do. I started paging through the apps (or the screen grabs of the apps) and felt fear. How could I, a lowly grad student, ever create something that could compete with them? With 1/100th the budget, a lack of resources and knowledge…how the heck am I going to do this and succeed?

Something I’ve started thinking about more this week as I move forward (at a snail’s pace mind you), was how is what I’m creating any different from what’s already out there? How could it be better? What is my unique take on teaching people to cook? Clearly this is a big issue and something that the panel of “judges” will nail me with when I present at the end of my thesis, and it’s something I need to address sooner rather than later.


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