Cooking Challenge

So…i’m proposing a cooking challenge to anyone who wants to participate. it is for my thesis research and i would LOVE for anyone (and everyone) to do this simply because you have to eat, more importantly, it’s fun!!!

i’m asking people to document their cooking process/experience through pictures (photographs or sketches).
here are the details:

i need photos (phone/camera/drawings/etc.) of YOUR COOKING PROCESS! take the shots however you want, i just need a minimum of 3 shots (but feel free to go crazy and take more if you like, 5, 10, 15!)…

shot 1 of your ingredients (and don’t be shy…doesn’t have to be all-natural or organic…just show what you’re starting with)

shot 2 at least 1 shot of the cooking process (water boiling, pot on the stove, chopped ingredients, etc.)

shot 3 your finished meal

here are some quick examples of my “cooking process” pics. i’m no pro, so don’t feel pressure to have “pretty pictures” i want to see the real process, as messy as it is!

the ingredients "before"

another trip to the farmers market

just a beauty shot of colors. fun fun.

not my cooking, but a fun shot and close up of food


a shot of my butternut squash and black bean tacos. delicious.

homemade apple, bacon and butternut squash soup from scratch. oh, and of course there's grilled cheese, because who doesn't love grilled cheese and soup!

if you want to shoot some of you with your food or in process i would LOVE to see that too!!! feel free to email them to me at
thanks in advance to all who participate!!! #cookingprocess #arewehavingfunyet


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