counter intuition

my goodness, how time flies! i can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. well, lots has changed since then. i’m still enjoying my thesis topic but i’ve been having a difficult time staying motivated in all honesty. it feels like i’m just dragging it out because i have the time to do so. well, not anymore. i have decided to make a move and i’m hoping this move is for the better.


counter intuition“…more on this in a bit (keep reading)

i’ve done a lot of research. to say the least. i’ve read so many books i can’t even remember all of them, had countless conversations about cooking and make about a hundred mistakes in the kitchen in the past several months that i think i’m ready to move into phase two.

PHASE ONE (complete-ish):
this was all about the research. gaining my footing and understanding what i really want to say and how best to communicate it. although enlightening, this phase has been fairly dull considering there’s not much to show for it. i will continue to do research until i turn this bad boy in and graduate, but for the purpose of moving forward, it’s complete-ish.

this was an exercise i did where i used four main words or categories (empowering, fearless, passionate and uncomplicated) to initiate a brainstorm to come up with words that visually express those four.

design! yea for actually designing things. first thing is deciding whether or not to keep my name. done. i’ve decided, after many mind maps, word association games, research, self-reflection and crowd sourcing, i have stumbled upon a new name for my thesis. it’s still about not fearing the kitchen, but “don’t fear the kitchen” is a mouthful and “dftk”…well, no one knows what that is. also, every time i said the name i heard the blue oyster cult and will ferrel’s cowbell.

how’s this for a new name:
counter intuition

the word "counter" is relevant in so many ways to my topic. the obvious one is the kitchen counter...

i love the insight of the word intuition and its link to my thesis...

next, i plan to design the identity system/branding (putting a visual stake in the ground for my thesis).

the main event! so my thesis has evolved into being some sort of cooking event, a place to learn and make mistakes with others who want to do the same. my research has shown that nearly 90% of people are already “cooking” (keep in mind the definition of  cooking ranged from “microwaving a frozen dinner” to “farm to table”), but over 95% of people said they wanted to know and learn more. problem is, cooking classes are expensive and most of the time for “foodies” who have the chef cook for them while they sprinkle the cheese and throw the meal in the oven.

i envision an (ideally ongoing) event where people learn and share together, teaching each other and learning that it’s ok to make mistakes. the idea is to not have to rely on recipes and rather, learn the basics and feel the freedom, courage and confidence to try anything with the basic cooking building blocks that i hope to provide. the design comes in with the pieces that would be educating the attendees, posters on the walls of the kitchen, take home materials and likely a book. a website is mandatory and i’m working on securing a URL now, and an app would be amazing, but that’s not how i want to get people cooking.

i want people to learn to cook from experience. and i want to provide an experience open to all who want to learn. and then i hope the people pay the idea forward and pass on the knowledge to others.


…needless to say, i’m SO SO SO excited about the direction, and for the first time in a long time, i can actually see how it will be. yay!




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