a few weeks ago, i asked people what generally sits on their kitchen counters and got some great responses. ranging from a rice cooker, to a martini shaker, to a frilly apron, the answers were awesome. thanks to all of you who participated in the poll. i did this so i could create and compile a library of sketches for my thesis graphic illustration style. i intend for my thesis to be done mostly by hand, meaning that the look and feel should feel semi-homemade  with a comfortable edge to it.

here are the stages of the sketching process…

1) first i began sketching in my little black book.

2) after gathering some more answers, i completed the first phase of the drawings.

3) i had to redraw them in the computer at a larger size (thank you photoshop and my wonderful wacom intuos 4 tablet)

4. i had to bring them into illustrator and fix the lines so that they closely resemble the hand-drawn quality that i wanted.

hopefully after seeing the process, you can’t tell a huge difference between the illustrations. the last step may seem superfluous to some of you, but it’s important to take into account the end use of these illustrations. photoshop is great for the final drawings, but if i needed to have them larger they would become pixelated. by taking them and redrawing them in illustrator i’m able to resize the drawings without losing the smooth drawn edges.

i’m sure there are more things i’ve missed, so if you have something on your kitchen counter that you don’t see in here, please feel free to comment or email me, because i would love to continue to expand my library of images.


One thought on “illustrations

  1. Hi, I’d love to use some of your illustrations for a recipe book i’m putting together for a friend. Would you be up for selling your ai file for a small fee? Ruth

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