bacon jam is the new butter

i posted some pictures on instagram last night of my bacon jam adventures and to finish it up i wanted to post the “recipe”. granted it’s more of a sketch of what i did…if you can follow it, it could be considered a “recipe”.

i discovered the joys of bacon jam at our friendly neighborhood food truck home kitchen, bacon bacon. it is truly delicious. my first thought when i heard it was disbelief and a bit of fear. what the heck is “bacon jam”? well, if you haven’t had it…let me tell you, it is one of the most tasty treats you’ll ever have. that is, of course, if you enjoy the taste of bacon in the morning. it’s a sweet, salty, savory combination that will just knock your socks off.

this is perfect on bread alone, perhaps to top off a over easy egg, a breakfast sandwich…or even something crazy, like putting it on a BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado). actually, i put it on a delicious sandwich but was so eager to try it i didn’t even snap a quick shot of it. it looked a little something like this slice of fresh bread>bacon jam>red onion>avocado>sprouts>slice of bacon>cream cheese>slice of fresh bread. sound over the top? it was.

but oh so delicious.

here is the “recipe” if you can follow my scrawled notes and doodles.


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