and that’s a wrap

last week i had the pleasure of working with an amazing team to help create a recipe video for my thesis. it was a grueling process leading up to the shoot, creating, editing and prepping recipes, gathering props and ingredients all around the city…on my bike (wish i had a picture of that, it would have been quite entertaining to watch for anyone other than me), managing and organizing who will be where when, and of course creating pieces to be in the video in regards to graphic design.

just wanted to say thanks to the amazing team…

eric slatkin, videographer
abby stolfo, food stylist
josh gruetzmacher, photographer
mary lowe, graphic designer
john & kristin walcott for their amazing home that they let us shoot in
and my loving husband, peter.

also wanted to post some quick process pics from the amazing josh gruetzmacher so you can get a quick glimpse of what’s to come with the impending video.


and that’s a wrap. can’t wait to see the finished product!




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