Home Stretch

I’ve been having freak moments over the last few months, dreading this particular time. I have embarked upon my (hopeful) last semester of grad school this last week and am working on finishing (really???) my thesis and designing my portfolio. How has it come to this time already? Where did all the time go? Oh yeah, internships, freelance and school. My thesis has been on the back burner for the last year and now I have mere weeks to finish it off.

I’m in frantic mode, trying to get pieces designed after months and months of research. Somehow it all has to get done, yet I have no idea of how it will actually happen. There is a seemingly insurmountable amount of work to be done and little motivation still. Well, but little motivation, I mean I have to get it done so I’ve lit a fire under my bum, but my mind is so far gone that it’s hard to reign it back in. I need to finish.

I need to get this done.

Ugh, only 15 more weeks and I’ll be done with grad school. It can’t come soon enough, yet there’s not enough time in the day to do everything I need to do.


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