I had some fun this last week tightening up some type on the cooking quote posters for my thesis.

Julia Child has been my main inspiration throughout my thesis process. The obvious reason is because she forged the way for home cooks and my thesis is all about cooking. But beyond cooking, she maintained a lively and positive spirit in her day to day interactions. She took on challenges and conquered them, unafraid of failing. I think that’s my favorite trait of Julia’s, her ability to laugh and herself, her mistakes and be okay with life’s failures. She’s such an inspiration.

This quote makes me love cooking all the more. Love is something that you find yourself immersed in, engulfed by and completely enamored in. Food and cooking are much the same. Food has a way of infiltrating all of your senses and it’s a wonderful thing to experience. You are enticed by food, satisfied by food and nourished with food. Agh, “complete abandon”, I love it. Notice, she doesn’t say “reckless abandon”, that would have been a whole other story, but it’s a complete and utter abandon that is careful and cautious at first, much like love.

Another Julia quote, one of my favorites, much in the spirit of how I described her first.


Gwyneth Paltrow may seem like an odd inspiration for anyone who doesn’t follow Gwyneth’s blog goop. She has a laid back personality that I love and an adventurous spirit. She cooks, a lot. She ventures out and meets with chefs to learn their recipes and has a knack for bashful confidence. She has some great advice about cooking and what to get out of it.


This is just a little tidbit of mine that I’ve learned in my own cooking process. Like anything in life, cooking takes time and practice. A surgeon wouldn’t expect to nail their first surgery without practicing thousands of times before (and all of us being operated on are thankful for that, and have confidence because of that). So a cook, shouldn’t expect to master something their first time. If they do, congratulations! Now, try something new. Cooking has basics and rules that need to be learned before they can be bent or broken. Much like Picasso, one of the most talented artist in realistic drawings (didn’t know that? It’s quite true), knew the basics, knew the rules before he learned how to break them. He had the confidence and knowledge base to step away from the expected. And aren’t we all glad he did.

The posters aren’t final yet, but they’re in the works. My hope would be to letterpress or screenprint them, but not sure how I’m going to make that happen at this point.





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